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Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is a Marine Life Conservation District known for abundance, bio-diversity, and excellent visibility. This Maui snorkeling trip provides an entertaining snorkel, often with a 2nd snorkel site on the return trip.

Redline Rafting

Circumnavigate Molokini & cruise La Perouse! This Maui snorkel adventure is popular with the SB crew for maximum snorkeling and light passenger count
(3 hours snorkel time, 4 stops, only 12 pax max).

Passenger $208.21 SB Special $203.21


This charter is an SB staff fave for maximum snorkel time and plenty aloha from Captain Don and his top notch crew. Snorkel Reef’s End, a turtle cleaning station & Captain Don’s hot picks!

Passenger $101.80

Maui Magic

This is a fast-paced, 5 hour AM snorkel adventure to beauteous Molokini Crater and a 2nd site to snorkel with my, SB’s reef buddies. Arrive at Molokini before the boats fill in, then head to the 2nd site for BBQ lunch & post-snorkel mai tais.  Maui Magic will be in dry dock Jan 16-Feb. 17, 2022.

Adult $146.32 | SB Special $141.32
Child (5-12) $114.16 | SB Special $109.16

Four Winds Molokini Snorkel

Maximum snorkel time in Molokini Crater & a family-friendly crew makes this 1 popular. This big, comfy bucket has many amenities including plenty shade, glass bottom viewing, waterslide, snorkel instruction & underwater photography service. Includes breakfast, BBQ lunch & post-snorkel cocktails.

Adult $149.67 SB Special $139.67
Child (3-12) $117.52 SB Special $107.52

Sail Maui Snorkel & Performance Sail

This 5 hour snorkel & performance sail delivers the best of both worlds underwater & by sea. Includes breakfast, lunch and beverages.

Adult $172.04
Child (3-12) $86.02
Under 2 FREE

Lanai Island

Lanai Island

Lanai has some of the best Maui snorkeling, with its pristine reefs, abundant fish & dolphin watching. Snorkel multiple reefs and enjoy the ride.

Ultimate Rafting Lanai

Dolphin sightings are most common near Lanai. Other highlights include blowholes, sea caves & 1,000 foot cliffs. Lanai’s uncrowded & pristine reefs makes this 6 hour snorkel trip popular. 2-3 snorkel sites, dolphin watching, breakfast, lunch & snax, 13 pax. max.

Adult $187.54 SB Special $168.79
Child (4-12) $154.32 SB Special $138.89

Sail Maui Lanai Coast Snorkel

Pristine reefs, relaxed format & personable crew make this one unique. Snorkel, eat and repeat throughout this 5 hour Saturday excursion. Dolphin-watching year-round, whales Dec.-April.

Adult $226.33
Child (3-12) $113.17
2 & Under FREE

Sunset Sails


Sunset Sails & Whale Watching

A standard whale watch goes 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Snorkel Bob’s Yacht Consortium offers a full range of trips & vessels: zodiac rafts for up-close and personal adventures, vessels with shaded cabins, WC & no-host bar, or multi-format trips with snorkeling, whale & dolphin watching, breakfast, lunch or sunset cocktails.

Trilogy Sunset Sail

TRILOGY 1 is a 54’ sloop rigged catamaran with covered cabin & restrooms, only 36 pax. (currently running at 1/2 capacity with 18 pax.). Beauteous Haleakala, West Maui & Kaho’olawe views with heavy pupus (appetizers) & premium bar.

Adult $111.05
Child (3-12) $67.30

Ultimate Rafting Whale Watch

Cruising daily from 7 AM to sunset! An onboard marine naturalist ‘splains what you’re seeing & U/W hydrophone amplifies whale song. Hard-bottom inflatable raft with canvas sun top, partial shade over 60% of the boat, 26 pax max. Guaranteed whales or go again/get a refund.

Adult 2-hr. $64.66 
Child 2-hr. (3-12) $43.23 

Early Bird Special:
Adult $47.51

Child (3-12) $32.51

Seafire Whale Watch

11 AM-12:30/1 PM every Wednesday & Friday, starting December 15th. Includes juice, water, soda, fresh fruit and muffins.  Kihei boat launch departure, 22 pax max–(currently running at 1/2 capacity, only 12 pax max).

Passenger $53.58

Pacific Whale Foundation

PWF vessels go daily on this 2-hour whale watch, Ma’alaea & Lahaina Harbor departures. Onboard naturalists highlight whale behaviors. UW hydrophones amplify whale song. Guaranteed whales or go again FREE

Adult –  $79.47
Child (5-12) $47.32
4 & Under FREE

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