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Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is a Marine Life Conservation District known for abundance, bio-diversity, and excellent visibility. This Maui snorkeling trip provides an entertaining snorkel, often with a 2nd snorkel site on the return trip.

Redline Rafting

Circumnavigate Molokini & cruise La Perouse! This Maui snorkel adventure is popular with the SB crew for maximum snorkeling and light passenger count
(3 hours snorkel time, 4 stops, only 12 pax max).

Passenger $208.21


This charter is an SB staff fave for maximum snorkel time and plenty aloha from Captain Don and his top notch crew. Snorkel Reef’s End, a turtle cleaning station & Captain Don’s hot picks!

Passenger $101.80

Maui Magic

This is a fast-paced, 5 hour AM snorkel adventure to beauteous Molokini Crater and a 2nd site to snorkel with my, SB’s reef buddies. Arrive at Molokini before the boats fill in, then head to the 2nd site for BBQ lunch & post-snorkel mai tais. 

Adult $146.32 | SB Special $141.32
Child (5-12) $114.16 | SB Special $109.16

Four Winds Molokini Snorkel

Maximum snorkel time in Molokini Crater & a family-friendly crew makes this 1 popular. This big, comfy bucket has many amenities including plenty shade, glass bottom viewing, waterslide, snorkel instruction & underwater photography service. Includes breakfast, BBQ lunch & post-snorkel cocktails.

Adult $149.67 SB Special $139.67
Child (3-12) $117.52 SB Special $107.52

Sail Maui Snorkel & Performance Sail

This 5 hour snorkel & performance sail every Tues., Thurs. & Sat. delivers the best of both worlds underwater & by sea.

Adult $172.04
Child (3-12) $86.02
Under 2 FREE

Lanai Island

Lanai Island

Lanai has some of the best Maui snorkeling, with its pristine reefs, abundant fish & dolphin watching. Snorkel multiple reefs, relax with lunch on the beach, tour Lanai city, or stay back for more beach fun.

Ultimate Rafting Lanai

Dolphin sightings are most common near Lanai. Other highlights include blowholes, sea caves & 1,000 foot cliffs. Lanai’s uncrowded & pristine reefs makes this 6 hour snorkel trip popular. 2-3 snorkel sites, dolphin watching, breakfast, lunch & snax, 13 pax. max.

Adult $187.54 SB Special $168.79
Child (4-12) $154.32 SB Special $138.89

Sail Maui Lanai currently a Lanai Coast snorkel, call (808)737-2421 for details & pricing

Beach landing, pristine reefs, relaxed format & personable crew make this one unique. Snorkel Manele reef, then relax on Lanai island with a picnic lunch, more snorkeling, or a siesta on the beach. Dolphin-watching year-round, whales Dec.-April.

Adult $226.33
Child (3-12) $113.17
2 & Under FREE

Sunset Sails


Sunset Sails & Whale Watching

A standard whale watch goes 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Snorkel Bob’s Yacht Consortium offers a full range of trips & vessels: zodiac rafts for up-close and personal adventures, vessels with shaded cabins, WC & no-host bar, or multi-format trips with snorkeling, whale & dolphin watching, breakfast, lunch or sunset cocktails.

Trilogy Sunset Sail

TRILOGY 1 is a 54’ sloop rigged catamaran with covered cabin & restrooms, only 36 pax. (currently running at 1/2 capacity with 18 pax.). Beauteous Haleakala, West Maui & Kaho’olawe views with heavy pupus (appetizers) & premium bar.

Adult $111.05
Child (3-12) $67.30

Ultimate Rafting Whale Watch

Cruising daily from 7 AM to sunset! An onboard marine naturalist ‘splains what you’re seeing & U/W hydrophone amplifies whale song. Hard-bottom inflatable raft with canvas sun top, partial shade over 60% of the boat, 26 pax max. Guaranteed whales or go again/get a refund

Adult 2-hr. $90.02 
Child 2-hr. (3-12) $57.87 

Early Bird Special:
Adult $66.80

Child (3-12) $43.23

Seafire Whale Watch

11 AM-12:30/1 PM every Wednesday & Friday, starting December 15th. Includes juice, water, soda, fresh fruit and muffins.  Kihei boat launch departure, 22 pax max–(currently running at 1/2 capacity, only 12 pax max).

Passenger $42.87

Pacific Whale Foundation

PWF vessels go daily on this 2-hour whale watch, Ma’alaea & Lahaina Harbor departures. Onboard naturalists highlight whale behaviors. UW hydrophones amplify whale song. Guaranteed whales or go again FREE

Adult – 9 AM or 11:30 AM  $51.65
Child (5-12) $31.29
4 & Under FREE

Adult – 6:30 AM or 2 PM | SB Special  $45.22 

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