Compleat Reef Systems | Snorkel Gear Packages

Snorkel Bob’s Compleat Reef System (CRS) is the ultimate snorkel gear package and gives you a Snorkel Bob Brand mask (Rx lenses available), a MoflO2 Fresh-Air snorkel or Bubba™ dry snorkel with Comfort Grip mouthpiece, fins, gear bag, fish ID, no-fog goop (adult sets), your pick: Hawksbill Babies at Oneloa DVD, turtle beach bag or T-shirt AND 1/2-PRICE TRADE-IN FOR LIFE! Kids need trade-in when they outgrow a mask, snorkel or fins.

CRS membership also gets you Frequent Snorkeler Discounts—$5/head off on Hawaii Adventures & 15% off ALL STUFF at any Snorkel Bob’s or at The CRS lets you SNORKEL FOR LIFE (!) (Rule 6 Applies)

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