MoflO2 & MoflO2RS Fresh Air Snorkels


MoflO2 & MoflO2RS w/MO2 Fresh Air Snorkels deliver fresh air on every breath.

The next generation MoflO2 fresh air snorkel with double-valve twin chamber clears easy with a double huff, for no headaches & more umph in your glug.

Now comes the all new MoflO2RS ™—Rally Sport,  for the fuel efficient among us.  More concise lungs need less volume in a snorkel. RS means less effort to clear,  and it comes with a standard or small mouthpiece. With a double-valve twin chamber, the MoflO2RS clears easy as PHWEEGA! So GET DOWN & come up to MoflO2 & MoflO2RS by the day, the week, or for keeps.

All MoflO2™ snorkels come with adult size mouthpieces. For children using the MoflO2RS™, you can choose to have a child’s mouthpiece if the child is small. We have provided an image with corresponding measurements for help in choosing a mouthpiece size. We recommend using the adult size unless it is for a fairly small mouthed person.


rent fresh air snorkel



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MoflO2 & MoflO2RS Fresh Air Snorkels

Here’s how it works: As you must know by now, the exchange of CO2 (exhale) for O2 (inhale) occurs in billions of alveoli cells in the bronchial tubes & lungs, but not in the 4-6 inches from the trachea to the mouth hole—the stretch known as dead air space. A primitive snorkel triples dead air space, so you rebreathe the same air, which is like wearing the same sox or not changing your skivvies. Burning lungs with a heavy heart & head afflict the snorkeler breathing too much CO2. Do you really feel like sighing in an elevator?

The MoflO2™ &  MoflO2RS™ convection currents deliver 93% fresh air on every inhale. rent fresh air snorkel

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Weight 8.0 oz
MoflO2 Size

MoflO2 Original, MoflO2 RS

Mouthpiece Size

Adult, Child


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