Li’l Mo Betta-Kid’s Snorkel & Dive Mask (Rx-receptive)


Our kid’s snorkel mask––The LI’L MO BETTA™ is a world-class, snorkel mask in small format, designed exclusively for children or small-visage adults.

It can take Rx lenses for nearsighted, farsighted, bifocal or astigmatism correction, making it the first kid’s snorkel mask in history with symmetrical (left-right interchangeable) lenses that are easily changeable.
 So if your junior barracuda yearns for clarity, relief is here. We offer our standard near-sighted diopters ($80.00/lens) available as add-ons to correct nearsightedness.  You can also order lenses with your custom prescription. Far sighted lenses can also be custom mounted to provide correction for those needing to read scuba rx_lens_800x800gauges, fish cards or other objects. (See custom pricing at bottom.)


snorkel mask fitting

Fitting Chart

Rx Nearsighted Lenses – Left

Rx Nearsighted Lenses – Left – $80.00

Rx Nearsighted Lenses – Right

Rx Nearsighted Lenses – Right – $80.00

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A mask isn’t like shoes or shirts or trousers that a child will outgrow in 6 months. A human head grows less than 4% from birth to age 12, so the mask you buy in infancy will fit right up to sexual identity with the zits, dates, grades and other issues of self-esteem. Some kids might dabble in drugs, grand theft auto and teen pregnancy, but your young sea lion will be at home in a world of beauty.

Standard Nearsighted Correction:
A complete Li'l Mo Betta prescription snorkel & dive mask with lenses for standard nearsighted correction is $225 (includes mask & Rx lenses).

Custom Nearsighted Correction:
A custom lens prescription snorkel & dive mask with nearsighted correction can be special ordered–bifocal lenses also available. Negative, no bifocals (-0.5 to -8.0) is $292 (mask & Rx lenses). Call for pricing on high index (stronger Rx) lenses with or without bifocal correction.

Custom Farsighted Correction:
A custom lens prescription snorkel & dive mask with farsighted correction can be special ordered–bifocal lenses also available. Positive, no bifocals (+0.50 to +4.50) is $292 (mask & Rx lenses). Call for pricing on high index (stronger Rx) lenses without bifocal correction.

Bifocal Only:
A custom prescription snorkel & dive mask with readers (bonded to a plain lens) is $276 (mask with readers).

You can get a mask with corrective lenses for astigmatism custom made to your Rx in single vision and bifocal with astigmatism. Call for pricing. It's some dough but consider the reality warp.

Custom lenses take 4-6 weeks. To order these, email a legible scan (photo) of your Rx from your eye doctor to snorkelbob@snorkelbob.comPlease include pupillary distance on the prescription. You may also send a legible fax to 808-735-3139. If you have any questions, call us Toll Free (808) 737-2421, 9-5, M-F, HST.

Additional information

Weight 7.0 oz
Mask Color

Deep Sea Blue, Purple Haze, Orange Sunshine, Eel Green, Yellow Matter Custard


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