Neptune Speaks, The Book & The Movie


Neptune Speaks for wilderness values. The indomitable spirit is azure clear on pristine reefs, or it rages in heavy weather. Neptune loves fish in abundance but scoffs at “sustainability” and “best management practices.” Who do they think they are, these self-proclaimed stewards of Neptune’s clan who would put ocean communities on life support to ensure cash flow? Measured survival falls short of optimal balance. Wilderness abides by no extraction. Examples sadly abound, yet we gain momentum in our daunting return to grace.

8-1/2 x 11 with 540 photos from Hawaii, Palau, Fiji & St. Croix and 50 minutes of U/W footage narrated by SB, Himself & Matt Roving.

Neptune Speaks DVD

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100% of proceeds from book sales accrue to the campaign to end aquarium collecting.

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