I, Snorkel Bob, wistfully recall the lean and hungry days of youth on the road, close to the ground with no plan, schedule or choreography. Now I, Snorkel Bob’m fond of taxis and room service. Every now and then a mermaid will allure me back to the bush, but I go grumbling. But then I, SB, am reminded in a mermaidly way that such is the beauty of nature/the nature of beauty. Kauai has world-class hike/kayak day trips with all amenities included.

Hang 10 on a wave or kayak & hike through beauteous rivers, valleys and rainforests. Brace for adventure with guided forest hikes or tree-to-tree canopy tours, zipline crossings & swinging bridges. Some tours offer rappelling & rock climbing too. Custom harnesses, helmets & 5 star service ensure safety & optimal post-snorkel fun.

Maui surf lessons
kauai surf lessons
kona kealakekua bay kayak tours
oahu surf lessons

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