Does your snorkel flop? Does water splash in and douse your breather? Does your swivel leak or crunch sand? Is that your kid whining over snuks & womb implosion trauma? The Bubba Dry Snorkels (Li’l & Ultima) are simply the best dry snorkels on the market, and come standard on every Snorkel Bob gear package. The MoflO2™ and MoflO2RS™ Fresh-Air Snorkels deliver 93% fresh-air on every breath.


fresh air snorkel
The MoflO2™ & MoflO2RS Fresh-Air Snorkels

A primitive snorkel triples dead air space, so you re-breathe the same air. Burning lungs with a heavy heart & head afflict the snorkeler breathing CO2. Do you really feel like sighing in an elevator? With double-valve twin chambers, the MoflO2™  & all new MoflO2RS™–Rally Sport (for the fuel efficient among us) clear easy with a double huff, for no headaches and more umph in your glug. More concise lungs need less volume in a snorkel. RS means less effort to clear,  and it comes with a small mouthpiece.

So GET DOWN and come up to a MoflO2 ™ & MoflO2RS ™ 

$12/Week with any gear package.
$24/Week à la carte.

Day Rates


The Bubba™ Dry Snorkels (Ultima & Li’l)

These Bubba‘s™ (Li’l Bubba™ shown) drain splash water, block backwash and clear easy as ptuey! Kids gag on adult snorkels with collapsible mouthpieces. The Li’l Bubba™ is the first dry snorkel in small format EVER. With a short stroke and narrow bore in proportion to small lungs, the Li’l Bubba™ lets your junior barracuda breath easy, happy as a meadlowlark in springtime. The Ultima Bubba™ for 100-pounders or better, breathes free, clears easy and stays dry. The Bubbas deliver world-class quality and performance to let you and your junior barracuda meet the reef with confidence.


FREE on all gear packages
$18/Week à la carte

Day Rates

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