Boogie Boards, Looky Boogies & Flotation

Whether you’re hitting the surf or looking for added flotation, a boogie board is a great tool for water fun. The Looky Board opens subaqueous horizons & doubles as a boogie. Flotator vests and flotation belts provide added confidence, comfort & buoyancy.

boogie boards and finsBoogie Boards

Screamo Boogie Board $36/Week

Catch a wave on my, Snorkel Bob’s, 42″ Screamo slick bottom boogie board with fiberglass stringer. The flex, rigidity and slick bottom give you the speed rush, and the soft deck provides a comfortable ride. Includes wrist leash (required).
Day Rates

Slick ‘n Kick $45/Week

42″ Screamo boogie board with boogie fins & ankle tethers NOTE: I, Snorkel Bob, recommend boogie fins when boogie boarding. They provide much needed ummph for take off and in general just make for a much improved experience. Boogie fins are short and stiff and come with a tether for each ankle so they don’t kick off. The bottom line is you’ll catch more waves! DO NOT USE STANDARD Looky_boogieSNORKEL FINS which slip off in the surf.
Day Rates

The Looky Board $45/Week

The Looky is for young people, old people, uncertain people of all ages who seek buoyancy, comfort and the complete picture. You will scope the little fishes through the window, or you can depress the skirt into its handy foldemup mode and ride the wild surf. 2 worlds, 1 board.
Day Rates

Flotation Vests & Belts


snorkel vestSnorkel Flotation Vests $30/Week

The Snorkeler’s Vest is for you who don’t want a lifejacket, but don’t want none too. 2 straps hug you snug, 1 around your waist, the other through the gap, on up to an easy click at the sternum. 1-way inflation with quick release and easy blow-off are designed for complete mobility, face-down comfort, peace of mind. Adult and Kid Sizes.
Day Rates


flotation_belt1Flotation Belts $30/Week 

An alternative to the Snorkel Vest, a Flotation Belt is worn around your waist for added buoyancy & confidence.
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