Maui Heli Tours!

Save big on Air Maui with my, Snorkel Bob’s, Specials!

Air Maui Helicopters

These are tropical humdingers. West Maui, East Maui, Molokai or just Once Around the Block gets you a postcard perspective of the rainforests, waterfalls, volcanic craters and more.

Relax in an air conditioned cabin with digital sound and noise reducing headsets while soaking up the views. On-board video system records YOUR flight with the pilot’s comments and sites accompanied by music (additional purchase). Free poster with flight. *Perfect safety record.

American Eurocopter A-Stars, 6 passengers max. 2 forward seats next to pilot, 4 seats across back, 180 degree views (no center post).

1] Hana (waterfalls) & Haleakala Crater Tour (volcano)
Fly over Haleakala Crater, tropical Hana rainforests, Seven Sacred Pools, Ohio Gulch, sea cliffs, deep valleys, waterfalls, and remote areas inaccessible by foot or car. 40-45 minutes.

Hana/Haleakala Price:
Regular $276/person | SB Special $242
Upgrade to “1st class” front seat for an additional $50 each. (minimum 2 passengers) single seat upgrade upon availability.


2] Maui Complete Island Tour
Go East & West: Haleakala Crater and West Maui Mountains (the wettest spot on island) means lush tropical landscape and waterfalls, Iao Valley and Iao needle. 60 minutes.

Complete Island Prices:
Regular $346/person | SB Special $316
Upgrade to “1st class” front seat for an additional $50 e. (minimum 2 passengers), single seat upgrade upon availability.

3] West Maui/Molokai Special

An Air Maui exclusive over the West Maui Mountains, then a Pailoio Channel crossing to Molokai island (home of Father Damien). See waterfalls cascading into the sea from the tallest, most rugged sea cliffs in the world. 40-45 minutes.

West Maui/Molokai Prices:
Regular $276/person | SB Special $242
Upgrade to “1st class” front seat for an additional $50 e. (minimum 2 passengers), single seat upgrade upon availability.


Trip times for all tours:
8 AM-12 PM or 2-4 PM

240 lbs. + requires a 2nd seat purchase. Each pair/couple exceeding a combined weight over 400 lbs must purchase a third seat for safety reasons. SB Special price applies.

*IMPORTANT: Please note NAME, HEIGHT & WEIGHT of each passenger in the notes section (box) at the bottom of our reservation form. This is required by the vendor for safety to finalize the reservation.


Kahului heliport, hangar #110

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