Compleat Reef System-Kid


Snorkel Bob’s Compleat Reef System (CRS) for kids gives you a Snorkel Bob Brand Li’l Mo Betta mask (Rx lenses available), a Li’l Bubba dry snorkel with Comfort Grip mouthpiece, fins, gear bag, fish ID, no-fog goop (adult sets only), your pick: Hawksbill Babies at Oneloa DVD, turtle beach bag or T-shirt AND 1/2-PRICE TRADE-IN FOR LIFE! Kids need trade-in when they outgrow a mask, snorkel or fins. You can upgrade to a MoflO2 Fresh-Air snorkel for a taste of springtime on every breath! Full Description.

Click here for adult systems

Fitting Chart

MoflO2RS Fresh-Air Snorkel-Upgrade

Choose a MoflO2RS to upgrade from the Li’l Bubba Snorkel

Reef Packer Bag-Upgrade

Upgrade from our standard net drawstring bag to a Reef Packer, over-the-shoulder, canvas zipper bag for your set!

Add a Custom Reef Beach Towel

Our 100% combed cotton, triple-sheared beach towels with plush, velour top dry quickly post-snorkel.

The CRS snorkel gear package gets you Frequent Snorkeler Discounts—$5/head off adventures & 15% off ALL STUFF at any Snorkel Bob’s or at The CRS lets you SNORKEL FOR LIFE (!)  (Rule 6* applies.)

And yes, if you’re in Hawaii, weekly tariff accrues to fee simple ownership of à la carte snorkel gear. How do I do it? I, Snorkel Bob, can hardly believe it myself!

NOTE: Rule 6* prohibits this discount from applying to additional CRS memberships or other SB specials, already like dirt; they’re so cheap. TRADE-IN PRIVILEGES FOR LIFE shall grant members 1/2 price on new Snorkel Bob Brand masks, fins and snorkels plus S&H.

TRADE-IN may occur once every 6 months & requires returned gear in good working order. Frequent Snorkeler Discounts & Trade-In Privileges expire when you do.

Snorkel Bob snorkel consultants must assess your trade-in S.B. Brand Product(s) for good working order.

*Rule 6: Wusses, whiners and groaners need not apply. Persons suspected of exploiting this amazing offer to unfair advantage will suffer exposure to my, Snorkel Bob’s, now-famous Shark-Frenzy Impersonation. Have a nice day. I mean really.

Additional information

Weight 54.00 oz
Mask Type

Li'l Mo Betta

Mask Color

Translucent Blue, Eel Green, Purple Haze, Orange Sunshine, Mellow Yellow

Fin Size

K8-11, K11-13, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-8, 8-9

Net Gear Bag-Color

Blue, Aqua, Purple, Yellow

Free Premium

Turtle Beach Bag, Hawksbills @ Oneloa DVD, Turtle Beach Bag, Snorkel Bob Logo T – Small, Snorkel Bob Logo T – Medium, Snorkel Bob Logo T – Large


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