Seamo Snorkel & Mask


The SEAMO™ is the best single-lens snorkel mask made today at 2 feet or 200! Cheap silicone is invisible to the pedestrian eye. Many masks have 90-degree angles where a nice curve ought to be, but it’s a style statement that can leak in no time. The SEAMO™ is made from crystal silicone with all French curvature.

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I, Snorkel Bob, have seen rubberneck geeks take premium dive gear to the beach, drag it through the sand, stomp on it, bang it on the rocks, then toss it in the trunk to bake at 350 for a few days. Oy. 

The SEAMO™ combines those components inured to torture while sustaining generosity toward comfort.

Additional information

Weight 11.0 oz
Mask Color

Translucent Blue, Aqua Blue, Black, Clear, Opaque Blue


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