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THE DARK HOBBY film, perfect for popcorn, friends and recollections of reefs we love
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It's One Reef

“The Dark Hobby”

Review by Shain E. Thomas
April 27, 2021

The Dark Hobby, a documentary, written by Paula Fouce and William Haugse, is an exceptionally well executed production many people will find surprisingly educational.

After The Cove and Blackfish, The Dark Hobby, an expose on reef wildlife exploitation and extinction follows conservationists and scientists who stop at nothing to protect what has been underwater and under the radar for decades.

Hawaiian elders hold forth on reef responsibility and the aquarium trade’s disrespect to the native culture and the real Hawaii, at the hands of the State.

A Hawaii Circuit court upheld the Supreme Court ruling in early 2021, that the aquarium trade must end. The relentless ten year legal battle unravels and weaves neatly through The Dark Hobby.

The documentary tracks the turbulent crusade to save the reef life at stake in this age old struggle that pits conservation against commerce. Aquarium trade extraction, an industry worth billions has devastated reef species and habitat globally, and the campaign continues with Aloha from Hawaii.

The Dark Hobby, a Paradise Filmworks International production, was produced by Paula Fouce, Krystle Klein, Stephen Nemeth, George Pierce, and Robert Wintner.