Reef Libre, The Book & The Movie

Reef Libre, The Movie Trailer

Robert Wintner is Snorkel Bob, and REEF LIBRE is his 4th reef photo book, the 1st from Rowman & Littlefield. He is still on the frontlines of the campaign to ban the aquarium trade around the world, because it’s all one reef.

280 pages in hardcover format, 11 x 8.5 inches, also available in digital format Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing (February 1, 2015)

Reef Libre, The Book & The Movie

REEF LIBRE is not a travelogue but asks the big questions after a lifetime of isolation—can Cuba reefs still thrive? Nearly 400 stills, a compelling narrative and a DVD capture this delicate time in reef history. Reef Libre, the Movie, is a mini-documentary, capturing this pivotal time, from the streets to the reefs.

“The jetliner drops below the clouds with no shudder or jolt, and it feels amazing, with no help from the FAA. That’s a laugh, a short one as Cuba firma reveals a deserted landscape with no clutter, which isn’t the same as wilderness but has no roadways knotting the countryside, no lights, few buildings, sparse traffic. Details fill in as more key components of the modern world are left out…-clarity comes on with conspicuously open spaces, with an absence of stuff. Country roads, fields, pastures, sparse living compounds, and little else to mar the natural beauty render feelings of rejuvenation and intrigue. Cuba is not a tourist display like Williamsburg or Disneyland; instead of plastic replicas, gingerbread adornment, and period costume, the time warp in Cuba has no props. The antiquated life and accoutrements are real, original equipment.”–Introduction to Reef Libre

Relative isolation, no U.S. tourism and marginal development or repair have rendered Cuba reefs pristine—the only reef system in the world with 100% biodiversity, 100% coral cover and a complete host of apex predators. Reef treasure surrounds the island nation’s poverty and stark reality. Robert Wintner’s photography reveals these reefs as never before, and captures equal color and innocence from the pastoral countryside to Havana Vieja. Reef Libre was on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly.

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