Oahu Snorkeling & Sailing

The Waianae coast adventure has some of the best Oahu snorkeling, dolphin watching, kayaking, and paddle-boarding.

Kaneohe Bay is great for families with volleyball, swimming, and a BBQ lunch. You’ll sail and see Gilligan’s Island, Chinaman’s Hat, and snorkel a reef known for green sea turtle (honu) sightings.

Moku ‘o Lo’e or Coconut Island (where Gilligan’s Island was filmed) has a vibrant reef with excellent snorkeling. A beach landing with narrative about sea life, history and culture of He’eia Hawaiian fish pond rounds out this kayak-snorkel adventure.

Ocean Joy Dolphin Watch & Snorkel

Year-round dolphin watching, whale watching (Dec.-April) & snorkeling along the Waianae Coast.
49 pax max aboard a 61’ power catamaran with snorkel instruction, full lunch & post-snorkel cocktails. Guaranteed dolphins or whales or go again.

Adult $169 
Child (3-12) $149
Infant 0-2 $65 

Hawaii Nautical Turtles Guaranteed Snorkel & Lunch Sail, Waikiki

Turtlerama! Honu (green sea turtle) and Honu’ea (Hawksbill turtle) are loved for their irresistible mugs and character. The 3-hour Turtle Canyon snorkel tour includes picnic lunch and post-snorkel cocktails. Guaranteed turtles or go again FREE!.

Adults $162.98 
Child (4-12) $108.62
3 & Under FREE

Captain Bob's Picnic Sail, Kaneohe

59*This trip has something for everyone. It’s a snorkeling cruise, a water adventure and a relaxing day in beautiful Kaneohe Bay. 3-1/2 hours of sailing, swimming, ocean volleyball, snorkeling and a BBQ every Mon. to Sat. 2 snorkel sites, 2 catamarans, 49-65 pax. max.

Adult $181
Child (3-11) $159
2 & under FREE

Whale Watches & Sunset Sails!


hawaii nautical sunset

Hawaii Nautical Sunset Sail 

Sail into sunset on Honu Lani, a 65′ sailing catamaran with forward netting for lounging, shaded cabin & restrooms, 30 pax. max. 5-6:30 PM daily with cocktails, bento-style meal & humpback whale watching (Dec.-April). 

5-6:30 PM 
Adult $108.62
Child (4-12) $71.62

3 & Under FREE

Humpback Whales

Humpback whales migrate annually from Alaska to Hawaii to mate
& give birth. December thru April is whale watching season, with the main action end of January through mid-April. A standard whale watch goes 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Snorkel Bob’s Yacht Consortium offers a full range of trips & vessels: zodiac rafts for up-close and personal adventures, vessels with shaded cabins, WC & no-host bar, or multi-format trips with snorkeling, whale & dolphin watching, breakfast, lunch or sunset cocktails.

Hawaii Nautical Whale Watch

Set sail and scout Humpback whales on the Honu Lani, a 65′ sailing catamaran with forward netting for lounging, shaded cabin & restrooms, 30 pax. max. AM & PM trip everyday except Wednesday. Guaranteed whales or go again FREE!

8-10 AM
Adult $108.62
Child (4-12) $71.66 

3 & under FREE

3-4:30 PM
Adult $82.53
Child (4-12) $55.36 

3 & under FREE


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