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Hawaii Snorkel Gear Reservations

Gear reservations are for weekly rentals only and must be made at robert wintner bookleast 3 days pre-arrival. For daily rentals or rentals within 72 hours of arrival, proceed directly to a Snorkel Bob’s store in Hawaii. Or, speak with a Snorkel Consultant at our Kauai, Oahu, Maui or Big Island store locations from 8 to 5 HST, every day.

All snorkel gear sets include mask, rubber fins, BUBBA SNORKEL, net gear bag, no-fog goop, Hawaii fish card, & snorkel map’n safety tips! Gear is fitted in-store. 

Select a FREE Premium when you reserve online (1 per group or family)

For Hawaii activity reservations (boats, luaus, ziplines, whirlybirds or bikes), click here.

MoflO2 Fresh Air Snorkels
Step up to a MoflO2 or MoflO2RS.
Burning lungs with a heavy heart & head afflict the snorkeler breathing too much CO2. Do you really feel like sighing in a elevator? Breathe easier! Add a Mofl02 or MoflO2RS to any gear package for $10/week.

Your friends will ogle with envy at these rocket launchers, but they’ll ogle alone (fools) while you throw a bow wake off your chest & in a single sardonic HA!, look down & get down 20′ in 5 strokes. Add Moflex fins to any gear package for $10/week.

SPECIAL! Custom Reef Beach Towel $15 (Reg. $20) with Split Level or Ultimate Truth gear sets & book n’ a beach chair rental.



Need some extra flotation? Pick up a flotation belt, Flotater Inflatable Snorkel Vest or a Looky Board with viewing port.

FREE 24-Hour Interisland
Gear Return!

Don’t want to schlep your gear?
Use our Interisland Pick Up [IPU] for $5 per set/item.

beach chairs Hawaii
$15 for 1 Chair/Week
$25 for 2 Chairs/Week

Get $5 OFF PER ACTIVITY SEAT when you book 2 seats on most boat trips, luaus, heli tours, ziplines or surf/kayak tours!

Book your activities here

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