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Hawaii Snorkel Gear Reservations

Gear reservations are available for weekly snorkel gear rentals (no daily reservations) and must be made at robert wintner bookleast 3 days before your arrival. (If you do not have 3 days prior to your trip, please proceed to the store of your choice and we will outfit you when you arrive). For immediate help, please contact one of our Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island store locations between 8 to 5 HST.

Select a FREE PREMIUM! Choose a turtle beach bag or 1 Robert Wintner (aka Snorkel Bob, Himself) novel with your gear reservation. (1 per group or family)

For Hawaii activity reservations (boats, luaus, ziplines, whirlybirds or bikes), click here.

• You may make specific changes when you pick up your gear. All final fittings will be done in the store so you can try things on.
• All snorkel gear sets include mask, rubber fins, BUBBA SNORKEL, net gear bag, no-fog goop, Hawaii fish card, & snorkel map'n tips!

Ultimate Truth ADULT $38/week
Ultimate Truth CHILD (12 & under) $25/week
Ultimate Truth 4 Eyes Rx-ADULT-$48/week
Ultimate Truth 4 Eyes Rx-CHILD $35/week (12 & under)
Please list Rx nearsighted lens diopter per side (ex. -1.5R, -2.0L) from -1.5 to -10:
Split Level $30/week (Adults Only)
Budget Crunch Special $9/week (Adult Only)
Please list shoe sizes and gender here (ex. 10m, 7f, 8m, 9.5f):
Add MoflO2 or MoflO2RS Fresh-Air Snorkel $10/week with gear package
Add Moflex High Performance Fins $10/week with gear package
Add Custom Reef Beach Towel $15 (Reg $20), 1 per Split Level or Ultimate Truth GEAR package rental
Moflex Performance Fins $14/week
Rubber Snorkel Fins $11/week
Boogie Fins w/velcro tethers $14/week
Please list shoe sizes and gender here (ex. 9m, 7f, 8m, 9.5f):
Wetsuit Top, 3mm $25/week
Flotater Snorkel Vest $25/week
Flotation Waist Belt $25/week
Boogie Board w/slick bottom $32/week
Slick and Kick (Boogie Board w/Boogie Fins) $39/week (fins recommended!)
Looky Boogie (u/w viewing porthole) $32/week
Book and a Beach Chair $15/week, 2 for $25/week
Add a cooler for $5
Custom Reef Beach Towel $15 (Reg $20), 1 per beach chair

Island(s) & Store

Which island(s) will you be traveling to?
Which island/store would you like to pick up from?
Use Interisland Pick Up [IPU] for $5 per set/item when traveling to another island. Select store for Interisland Pick Up:


What date would you like to pick up your gear?
How long will you keep your gear?

Free Premium for reserving your gear!

Choose your gear reservation premium

Complete Your Gear Reservation

Mobile Phone(serves as customer #):
What hotel, B&B, or other accommodation are you staying in?*
Any notes for us?
How did you hear about us?
Word Verification:

MoflO2 Fresh Air Snorkels
Step up to a MoflO2 or MoflO2RS.
Burning lungs with a heavy heart & head afflict the snorkeler breathing too much CO2. Do you really feel like sighing in a elevator? Breathe easier! Add a Mofl02 or MoflO2RS to any gear package for $10/week.

Your friends will ogle with envy at these rocket launchers, but they’ll ogle alone (fools) while you throw a bow wake off your chest & in a single sardonic HA!, look down & get down 20′ in 5 strokes. Add Moflex fins to any gear package for $10/week.

SPECIAL! Custom Reef Beach Towel $15 (Reg. $20) with Split Level or Ultimate Truth gear sets & book n’ a beach chair rental.



Need some extra flotation? Pick up a flotation belt, Flotater Inflatable Snorkel Vest or a Looky Board with viewing port.

FREE 24-Hour Interisland
Gear Return!

Don’t want to schlep your gear?
Use our Interisland Pick Up [IPU] for $5 per set/item.

beach chairs Hawaii
$15 for 1 Chair/Week
$25 for 2 Chairs/Week

Get $5 OFF PER ACTIVITY SEAT when you book 2 seats on most boat trips, luaus, heli tours, ziplines or surf/kayak tours!

Book your activities here

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