The Na Pali Coast

Na Pali’s rugged coastline is accessible by boat or heli. Raft trips allow sea cave penetration & waterfall communion. Year-round dolphin watching, sightseeing & snorkeling (conditions permitting), with Humpback whale watching December thru April.

Kauai Sea Tours, Na Pali Snorkel

This charter is excellent. You get the comfort and the speed but not the cattle call aboard this 60’ catamaran with a water slide, observation deck, swim platform, restrooms & fresh water showers, 49 pax max.

Adult $178.38 
Child (3-12) $135.14

Liko Kauai Na Pali Snorkel

Liko gets high marks in my, Snorkel Bob’s, Yacht Consortium. The 5 hour tour on the 49’ power catamaran is a great choice for sea cave penetration without spending 5-7 hours on a raft. Waterfalls, lush valleys, white sand beaches, dolphin watching, whale watching (in season) and a 1-hour snorkel round out the adventure.

Adult $160.49
Child (4-12) $117.41

Catamaran Kahanu Na Pali Snorkel

The 5 hour morning charter cruises Na Pali coast for sea cliff, waterfall, and sea cave viewing, then moors at Nualolo Kai for snorkeling and swimming. Captain and crew are attentive to kids, with forward seating to watch for porpoise, dolphins & green sea turtles. Only 20 pax. max.

Adult $159.74 | SB Special $150.10
Junior 13-17  $149.02 | SB Special $140.02
Child (3-12) $127.58 | SB Special $123.29 

Southside Kauai

Poipu is located on the south side of the island.

While Na Pali Coast offers excellent sightseeing, snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching (in season), I, SB, recommend Poipu for beautiful reefs, optimal snorkeling conditions and whale-watching in Winter, if it’s snorkeling you want. Poipu is an excellent year-round alternative to Na Pali coast.


Kauai Sea Riders | 3 Hour South Shore Kauai Snorkeling Tour

This year-round, South Shore Kauai snorkel tour goes 3 hours to 2 prime snorkel sites: Kipu Kai is an unspoiled reef with private access only; Sheraton Caverns is popular for its swim through coral arches. Captain Tara is a knowledgeable marine biologist involved in Hawaiian Monk Seal recovery efforts and friend of my, Snorkel Bob’s, main mermaid. The vessels are search and rescue style zodiacs, either the 14 pax “Hurricane” or 6 pax “Papio” (baby Ulua).

Adult $126.03
Child (5-12) $104.48

Niihau, Lehua & Na Pali!

Ni’ihau, the “Forbidden Island”, is a privately owned island 17.5 miles southwest of Kauai.

Access to the island is rare and by invitation only. Ni’ihau’s reefs thrive in large part from its isolation. The bountiful reefs boast pink, purple and yellow coral heads, large schools of butterflyfish, Moorish idols, and a monk seal named Sammy.

Holoholo | Ni’ihau & Na Pali Super Tour

If you want to do something special on Kauai, this is it. This trip delivers spectacular Na Pali Coast views, frequent dolphin sightings, monk seal watching and an attentive crew. Holoholo’s 65’ power catamaran is the only charter boat allowed entry to snorkel the reefs off Ni’ihau. Snorkeling is at Lehua island, a small, crescent-shaped island with a cone protruding from an extinct volcano. Snorkeling & sites  conditions permitting. 7 hours.

Adult $256.99
Child (6-12) $203.23

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