Kauai Snorkel Trips

Kauai is the Garden Isle underwater too, with coral gardens and abundant fish.

Poipu is located on the south side of the island. While Na Pali Coast offers excellent sightseeing, snorkeling, dolphin and whale watching, I, SB, recommend Poipu for optimal snorkeling conditions in Winter and an alternative to Na Pali coast year-round.

Ni’ihau, the “Forbidden Island”, is a privately owned island 17.5 miles southwest of Kauai. Access to the island is rare and by invitation only. Ni’ihau’s reefs thrive in large part from its isolation. The bountiful reefs boast pink, purple and yellow coral heads, large schools of butterflyfish, Moorish idols, and a monk seal named Sammy.

Na Pali’s rugged coastline is accessible by boat or heli. Raft trips allow sea cave penetration & waterfall communion. Dolphin watch, snorkel pristine Nualolo Kai reef & whale watch.

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