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Flotater Snorkel Vest


The Flotater Snorkel Vest comes in 2 sizes: Adult & Junior (under 100 lbs). This quasi-inflationary device allows the intrepid nay-sayer to shut up & get wet with more comfort, i.e., security, i.e. insulation from the downward whorl, the deep and merciless suck of the wild, ravaging sea that, given a ghost of a chance will drown you in a microquark, and you know it. I.e., it’s not a lifejacket, but it floats, but not like a cork, but it won’t let you sink either.
I.e., inflate to taste & snorkel at your own level.

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In Bright Yellow, the Flotater is for you who don't want a lifejacket but don't want none too. 2 straps hug you snug, one around your waist, the other through the gap & on up to an easy click at the sternum. One-way inflation with quick release & easy blow-off are designed for complete mobility, face-down comfort & peace of mind. Adult & Kids

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Weight 32.0 oz

Adult, Junior (under 100lbs)


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