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—a red herring, with whom DLNR/DAR attempt to distract, obfuscate, defend vested aquarium interests, but oh, a change is gonna come. SB 1240 will end State issue aquarium collector permits, even as DAR Chief Bruce Anderson says, “It won’t change anything.” Then Bruce Anderson huffs and puffs on billows of smoke up the collective anus, that we need “herbivore protection.” DLNR FAILS AGAIN to mention the millions of herbivores shipping out to supply the voracious aquarium trade. Red Herring is ANOTHER INASIVE SPECIES INTRODUCED BY DLNR.

CRUNCH TIME! DLNR deadline! Call GOVERNOR DAVID IGE: (808) 586-0034.

SB 1240 will end State-issued aquarium collector permits when he signs it into law and DLNR/DAR WILL define sustainable in a context other than bottom-line revenue.

Ask again at

GIVE David Ige the encouragement he needs to sign SB 1240 into law!

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