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Iconic, charismatic, endemic, Hawaiian cleaner wrasse will die in 30 days of captivity but ships out daily to feed the voracious aquarium trade. Pressed on mortality stats, an aquarium wholesaler said, “They’re fun.” The aq junta took so many Hawaiian cleaner wrasses from the Kona Coast that many reefs there showed parasite loading. So DLNR told them to stop, but taking this vital reef link is still okay by DLNR on Oahu, because on Oahu it’s still “sustainable.”

Call Governor David Ige at (808) 586-0034. Tell him to SIGN SB 1240 INTO LAW NOW! Remind him again of Hawaiian cleaner wrasse and our reef desecration!
End State-issued aquarium collector permits NOW!
Tell him again at

He does look forward to your calls & emails. Why else would he hesitate to SIGN SB 1240?

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