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 is not a travelogue but asks the big questions after a lifetime of isolation…can Cuba reefs still thrive? Nearly 400 stills, a compelling narrative and a DVD capture this delicate time in reef history. REEF LIBRE, The Movie is a mini-documentary, capturing this pivotal time, from the streets to the reefs.

Mantas in Hawaii

Reef Jamboree!

MOFLEX Performance Fins in Action!

Another great day of snorkeling.

Reef Libre, The Book & Movie – Trailer

Spike, the Spiny Pufferfish

Harlequin Shrimp, Maui

Yellow Tangs living wild & free.

Sound the Trumpets!

A rare Whitley’s Boxfish

Blue Dragon Nudibranch, Maui
Oh So Eely!
Orange Clownfish, Dumaguete, Philippines


Dragon Wrasse-Teen Phase
A Scene from Reef Libre, The Blennies

Frogfish on Parade

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