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SB 1240 HD1 will end aquarium permitting in Hawaii and freeze current permits until DLNR comes CLEAN on a management plan. We’re in the stretch, waiting appointment of Senate Conferees. Please step up. CALL and email your Hawaii State Senators with a simple request: Please support this vital bill—this reef redemption that NOBODY OPPOSES, that will restore reef species and habitat, that defers to economic benefits for all Hawaii and respects the host culture? Please ask Senate President Ron Kouchi to appoint conferees now. Email

Office phones are listed at the website. Speak to the Senator or staff. Tell them you care and hope that the legislative process will reflect the will of the people.

Individual emails:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Smalltail wrasse is a female pencil wrasse. She’s coy, flirtatious and a destination species. NOBODY wants to sell her out for chump change.

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