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Nudibranchs can freely roam Maui reefs because County Council ran the aquarium trade OUT! Our mayor (Charmaine Tavares) said, “Reef tourism is our economic engine. We won’t kill it.”

Gloomy Tambja is a destination species—unless the aquarium trade gets there first. Please help! SB 1240 HD1 WILL BE RESOLVED BY MAY 4. It will end aquarium permitting in Hawaii and freeze existing permits until DLNR comes CLEAN on a management plan. Please CALL AND EMAIL these House Conferees to ENCOURAGE THEIR SUPPORT for SB 1240 HD1: Rep Cynthia Thielen (808-586-6480 , Rep Kaniela Ing (808-586-8525 , Rep Ty Cullen (808-586-8490 )

Also urge Senator Karl Rhoads to pass SB 1240 HD 1, to deny mainland profiteers and reef wildlife traffickers, to stop DLNR in its conflicted, corrupt, bureaucratic quagmire called “an aquarium program.”

Tell these legislators that you care! Tell them to support Hawaii.

CALL and EMAIL WITH ALOHA!    808-586-6130


Voices from the around the world must rise for Hawaii reefs!

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