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Please encourage and support Senator Karl Rhoads to pass SB 1240 HD 1, to deny mainland profiteers and reef wildlife traffickers, to stop DLNR in its conflicted, corrump, bureaucratic quagmire called “an aquarium program.” Tell Senator Kark Rhoads that you care. Urge Senator Karl Rhoads to support Hawaii. CALL and EMAIL WITH ALOHA! 808-586-6130
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Nobody in Hawaii opposes SB 1240 HD 1—to end aquarium permitting in Hawaii and freeze current permits until DLNR comes clean on a management program that excludes aquarium trade managers.

SB1240 passed four hearings in the House and Senate and goes to Conference Committee, where those Chairs who heard the bill will determine final content. Committee Conferees will likely be Senate Chairs Karl Rhoads (Water & Land) and Gil Keith-Agaran (Judiciary) and House Chairs Kaniela Ing (Ocean Management and Hawiian Affairs) and Sylvia Luke (Finance).

The challenge comes from Senator Karl Rhoads, who derailed this campaign in 2015 with a terse dismissal: “We have so much opposition to this bill.” That opposition came from mainland aquarium trade interests who promised ARMAGEDDON if rampant exploitation, extraction and sell-out of Hawaii’s reef trust should end.

The Hawaii State Senate will defer to the bill’s sponsor in the Senate—Water & Land Chair Karl Rhoads. Rhoads gutted the language prior to introducing the bill, rendering it ineffectual, without meaning. Not to worry, the House sponsor, Rep Kaniela Ing, put the meaningful language back in, giving us version HD 1. Yes, it’s a forced march, the very essence of conservation work. This will end by early May. Please help.

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