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Cookie came home 4 years ago today, 7 months old, skeletal, anemic with fleas, ticks, giardia & skin lesions, 14 lbs. At 20 lbs she got intussusception–stretched intesting from screaming shits that telescoped back in on itself, causing blockage. Surgery could fix it, but back down at 14 lbs, she was too anemic and would die soon either way. But surgery & euthanasia both begin with sedation, so she got sedated and her intestine re-sectioned. Next a.m. the vet was grim—she ate but puked. But she’d just gone 15 rounds with Mean Old Mr. Death, so let’s do lunch. And so she climbed back up to 20, 25, 30, to 65 lbs. Cookie is true blue. You can be annoyed with her urging but never depressed. She is one of the Great Dogs of the World.

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